Cattle Ranching and Deforestation in the Amazon

This is a short video (in Portuguese) that shows the deforestation process in the Brazilian Amazon. In an ongoing research project, Ariaster Chimeli from University of São Paulo and Rodrigo Soares from Columbia University investigate whether a market prohibition policy to protect Brazilian mahogany had an impact on local deforestation. Mahogany is one of the … More Cattle Ranching and Deforestation in the Amazon

William Baumol has died

William Baumol, an economist with several important contributions to our understanding of economics, including environmental economics, has passed away. Professor Baumol published several academic articles in environmental economics and, along with Wallace Oates, he published one of the most influential books in the field: The theory of environmental policy. In the year 2000, professor Baumol … More William Baumol has died